“They are very helpful
Their work is so neatly done
Great communication
Affordable prices
Excellent service
And they also offer great gift ideas 😊😊

Hailey M.

“I was so happy with my purchase! Customize City are so helpful. Item came out better than I expected. I definitely recommend them, and they will certainly receive more orders from me”

Francesca M.
“Ordered a set of caps for a bridal pool party with a caption written on them. They came out excellent and were done in a short amount of time. We all loved them! Staff are very helpful and friendly. I definitely recommend this service ❤
Tanya C.

“Efficient, creative and adapts to anyone’s requests.
To top it off, the staff is very nice, welcoming and helpful.
Will be back for sure! ♥️

Graziella V.
“Very helpful, professional and unique good quality personalized gift. I have given personalized chefs bandanas for Christmas to my husband and he loves them. Thank you for your assistance and for being so efficient.”

Charlene G.


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